Project Summary

The Vineflygis Project aims to increase agricultural production by helping the farmers control the use of pesticides at the right time with the right amount. These are achieved by means of advanced technological systems. The main aim of this project is to collect statistical data by capturing specific types of pests by number of traps which contain pheromones that attract the type of pests in investigation and send the count by wireless technology to a database where all these records are stored and compared. Based on these data, a graphical chart is generated showing this information.

trap This whole process works fully automated and does not need constant interaction by humans. The locations are carefully examined and selected by satellite images. Each location will include number of traps, called DELTA Traps (image on the right) with a central main unit. The traps will collect the pests, take snap-shots by a wireless camera integrated in the trap and send the images to the central unit where the image processing takes place. The image processing takes each image received by the wireless camera on the trap, analyzes them to recognize the desired type of pests, counts them and sends the number by wireless technology (EDGE, GPRS) to a remote database (located on . From this point the web application uses the database to generate a graphical chart which gives a clear view of the incline or decline in the number of pests. The graph will show the number of pests in a given day or any period of time, with addition of temperature and humidity which are also received in the same fashion as the number of pests. A great advantage of the graph is that the viewer will be able to customize the chart by date, a period of time, and be able to hide and show the desired traps, humidity or temperature. The chart will automatically zoom in and out accordingly.

Some of the advantages that this system provides are, for example early warning to the farmers. The farmers get an early warning and prepare the control of the pesticides. This way the pesticides are applied at the right time preventing the vegetation from being damaged either by being eaten by the pests or by getting too much pesticides.

Another important advantage that should be noted is that this system can be installed in remote areas such as high mountains, steep slopes where easy access is prevented by such geographical land structures. Farmers may only visit the sites when necessary.

The Idea of Vineflygis project is to use modern days? technological advantages in order to reach our goals. The energy used is 100% renewable solar powered. The instruments and the tools do not harm the surrounding environment short term nor long term.



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